Treatment and care for trauma patients has changed drastically in the past two decades. As more patients survive catastrophic injuries, they now have a greater need for extended rehabilitation and home care, but unfortunately, the payment for this care has become more difficult to obtain. As advocates, we help the patient and family identify all sources of funding, to allow the patient to maximize their rehabilitation potential and live as independently as possible.




Advocating for children with serious medical needs is a long- term and ever changing process. Finding the funding sources for children’s services is essential to meeting their long term needs. We assist parents through the entire continuum of their child’s care – identifying benefits that are available to children, and assisting with the pre-authorization and appeal process.  


Medical Community

medical.jpgMedical advances have given new hope in the treatment and care of patients who have catastrophic injuries, but getting those services paid for has become a frustrating experience for medical providers. Shorter stays in acute care hospitals and rehabilitation facilities give very little time for physicians, nurses, social workers and therapists to effectively advocate for the services and supports that their patients need. As advocates, we can help identify the funding that your patients need and continue to assist them throughout their entire recovery process.