Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Services

I am very confused about what services my family member with a disability is entitled to receive and I do not even know what questions I should be asking. What can I do?
As an advocacy organization we help to identify the benefits and services that an individual needs and find the resources and programs that will best meet their needs. We work with each family on an individual basis, and navigate them through the entire process. Ideally, we like to start the process while the person is still in the acute care setting, as this gives us the time needed to identify and access resources and services, but we can help families anytime that they feel they need assistance. Caring for anyone with special needs can be an overwhelming experience and most families do not have the time or the energy to explore all of the programs that are available to them. We provide these needed services to families free of charge!

My husband has a spinal cord injury and needs therapy, but we have exhausted all of the therapy benefits under our health insurance policy. Is there anything we can do?
There are several ways to get additional benefits for individuals with disabilities. Many people do not realize that they may qualify for Medical Assistance or a Medicaid Waiver. For anyone who needs services that are currently not being met through private insurance, these benefits should be explored.

I am disabled but still work; however, I have been denied Medical Assistance because I earn too much money. Is there anything that you can help with?
There is a special category of Medicaid called Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities which allows individuals who have income from employment to still qualify for Medicaid benefits. Please call our office and we will help you apply for this program.

I am in a wheelchair and need home modifications and a ramp, will Medicaid or my private health insurance cover these costs?
Medicaid and private health insurance do not pay for ramps or home modifications. Please contact us and we will discuss some alternative funding sources with you.

Medicaid denied my application for benefits because they said my income is $100.00 over the limit. I have no health insurance and recently became disabled, what can I do?
Medicaid can be obtained through a spend down. Please call our office and we will assist you with your appeal.

My son has a traumatic brain injury and my insurance does not cover the cognitive therapies that have been recommended. Are there any alternatives for payment of these services?
Some states do have programs and waivers for traumatic brain injury services. Please call our office and we will explore all of your options.

I am a double amputee and my health insurance policy only pays for 1 prosthetic device, what can I do?
It is always necessary to explore the public benefits system to identify services that may be limited through private insurance.

I am in my early 20’s and just lost my leg in an accident. I have always been very active and would like to continue that lifestyle, but my insurance company refuses to pay for a C-leg, because they say it is experimental. What can I do?
C-legs are not experimental and you should appeal that decision. Many insurance policies have addendums about emerging technologies, which we can explore to help you with this denial.