Frequently Asked Questions About Children Services

I am very confused about what services my child with a disability is entitled to receive and I do not even know what questions I should be asking. What can I do?
As an advocacy organization we help to identify the benefits and services that your child needs and find the resources and programs that will best meet their needs. We work with each family on an individual basis, and help navigate them through the entire process. Ideally, we like to start the process while the child is still in the acute care setting, as this gives us the time needed to identify and access resources and services, but we can help families anytime that they feel they need assistance. Caring for a child with special needs can be an overwhelming experience and most families do not have the time or the energy to explore all of the programs that are available to them. We provide these needed services to families free of charge!

My child has Cerebral Palsy and needs therapy, but we have exhausted all of the therapy benefits under our health insurance policy. Is there anything we can do?
Parents of children with special health care needs have several options to get their child services. They can have PT& OT put into their child’s IEP and have the child receive some therapy at school and parents should apply for Medical Assistance for their child.

I work, therefore my child will not qualify for Medicaid, what can I do?
In Pennsylvania and many other states, children with special health care needs can qualify for Medical Assistance (Medicaid) without taking the parent’s income and resources into consideration. If you call our office we will help you through this process.

What services can children receive through Medicaid?
Children can receive a wide range of services including:

  • Inpatient & outpatient care
  • Laboratory & X-rays services
  • Physician’s services
  • Sklilled nursing facility services
  • Home health and private duty nursing services
  • Dental services
  • Prescribed drugs
  • Prosthetics & orthotics
  • Visual services including eyeglasses
  • Hearing services including hearing aids
  • Personal care services
  • Durable Medical equipment 
  • Other necessary services    

My child is in a wheelchair and we need home modifications and a ramp, will Medicaid or my private health insurance cover these costs?
Medicaid and private health insurance do not pay for ramps or home modifications.

How can I get these paid for?
There are various ways to pay for these services and this is an issue that we need to discuss in depth with parents and providers. Call our office and an advocate will advise you of your options.

My child is considered “medically complex” and cannot be cared for in a day care facility while I am at work. What can I do?
There are numerous options for parents depending on their insurance coverage and the level of care that the child needs. Many times, skilled nursing services can be provided in the home so parents can go to work or the child can be taken care of in a special medical day care program.

My child was denied Social Security Income because I work, but I do not make very much money and have other children, can I appeal this decision?
Yes, you can appeal this decision. You can ask the Social Security office to do an “Income Deeming” to see if your child qualifies. Please call us to discuss this in more detail, as it is a complicated process.

When can a child receive SSI without taking the parents income & resources into consideration?
When a child reaches the age of 18, the social security office will consider the child an adult and parental income and resources will not count against the child.